Stevo's Secret menu


"Last Call": Stevo's breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, onions and green peppers.


"Ninja Turtle": Pepperoni and peanut M&M's


"Angry Texan": Buffalo chicken, brisket with BBQ sauce


"Muff Diver": Tuna, salmon, crab


"Frankenstein's Wings": ghost pepper and habanero wings


"Surf-N-Turf": Shrimp, corn and chicken


"Smothered Fries": French fries smothered in chili with cheese and bacon on top


"Southern Comfort": Pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw


"Albino Chicken": Chicken, onions, jalapenos with white sauce




For Quick & Hot Delivery:

800 S. Havana St​

Aurora, Colorado 80012

T: (303) 366-1080

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